Sias Stories Survey

AIA Ambassadors


Fall 2022 we expect to hire 50+ new teachers for Sias University. By Spring 2022, we anticipate COVID-19 restrictions lifted. Many prospective teachers want the unofficial story of what life is like living in China and teaching at Sias. They want to get an authentic perspective from actual teachers who can offer details from their personal experience that AIA recruiters can’t. That is where AIA Ambassadors come in!


We want to invite you to share your Sias/China stories with these prospective students!


Sias University teacher recruitment is all about TRUST. Whoever chooses to move to China and work at Sias will be thinking and feeling their way through physiological needs (money, housing, bills), safety (COVID-19, travel dangers, politics), social (who will be my friends and what will my family/friends think of this choice), purposeful impact (will I make a difference or am I needed). The goal of the AIA Ambassadors is to help answer these questions through testimonies, stories, examples, and opportunities.


We are looking for current/former teachers who are willing to help prospective imagine what life is like at Sias by sharing their experiences.


Some examples of stories that help prospective teachers understand life at Sias include:


    • Visiting students' hometowns,

    • A story about learning from a student (Culture Team)

    • How a student helped you adjust to life in China.


    • An example of how you learned to appreciate Chinese culture,

    • A story showing the differences between your culture and Chinese culture,

    • A story of how you learned about Chinese culture.


    • What you'd love to know before teaching your first class, 

    • An example of how a teacher trainer or colleague supported you in becoming a better teacher,

    • What was your experience getting another degree while teaching at Sias?


    • A moment or place you loved,

    • Places you miss about Sias,

    • What did Sias look like 5+ years ago?


    • How did you have fun outside of the classroom,

    • What was your favorite part of China to visit,

    • Where did you travel during the winter holiday?

  • Service Stories:

    • How and where did you volunteer,

    • Hope Club, holding babies at hospital, etc

    • Impact of Needy Student Fund

    • Hosting Students, TWTS/S4S/PSL/Sunshine Camp, Mentoring Stories.


Please, fill out this short survey to let us know if you are interested in helping prospective teachers understand what life at Sias is like.


You will also be invited to join a WeChat Group if you'd like to see stories before they get published!