Mintegrity - Employer Agreement Survey

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Mintegrity connects people of integrity with companies, coaches, trainers and mentors of integrity. By agreeing to the following statements we are asking you to hold us accountable to integrity. You are also giving us permission to challenge you to keep our people we refer to you accountable in these areas.

Email with any questions, suggestions, or comments.

What is your company name? *

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How many and what opportunities do you have available?

This question is optional. Answers could include a brief job description, title, internship goals, etc.

Do you agree to pay an agreed upon stipend to cover the housing, food and local transportation costs of the interns? *

Interns will pay their long-distance transportation. Mintegrity will cover pre-arrival orientation and debrief housing fees. The goal is to have 3-way partnership.

Would you like to receive end of internship feedback from the interns? *

We prefer if you check at least two boxes below.